Monday, November 20, 2006

My Rubbish 3

- "Feeling and longing are the motive forces behind all human endeavor and human creation" Albet Enistein.

- You had me from... Hello!

- I'm currently reading: The Snow Flower And The Secret Fan. By Lisa See.

- My bestfriend gave birth to a cute twins, they're sooo beautiful mashallah :)

- In the battle of sexes, attack is the best form of defence!

- Sometimes, you have to be crule to be nice!

- "It's always with the best intentions that the worst work is done" Pablo Picasso.

- Do you remember the anime version of Hans Christian Anderson's >>The Little Mermaid<< I still watch this cartoon!! I'm so inlove with it. I've had it since I was 5. You do the math.

- I went with my dear friend to Andalusia cafe. The owner is Ahmed Shuqairi. Ring any bell?? yep, he's the >>Khawater<< guy! while we were eating, guess who came in to check that's everything was ok?? yesssss, it was him (heart) isn't he cute, sexy, well-educated, handsome or what? ;) I know I know.. Don't give me this look, i know he's married with children. God bless them :)

- I want this Special Edition >>RED ipod nano<< -By the way, it's a - >>(PRODUCT) RED<<
I think it's sexy, I like Red, it's my fav color!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What the..??

My cell was ringing..... Unknown number...
uffff, it's been a while now with unknown numbers!! annoying stupid guys :
I usually don't answer them, but I did this time.. I was waiting for my classmate to call.

Me: Alo?

Stupid guy: Alo? (silly, I know!)

Me: Yes?

Stupid guy: Al Salam 3alaikom (yukh voice)

Me: O 3alaikom al salam.

Stupid guy: Kaifek?? *as if he knows me very well*

Me: Meen??!!! *very annoyed*

Stupid guy: Meen?? heh!! *proudly now* ma3aki AL GALB AL SHUJA3!!

*Brave heart??!!!* LOL

What the hell is WRONG WITH Saudis and STUPID nicknames?!!

Wallah I remember a few moths a go, I was with la familia in the car and the FM was on, there was this guy calling from Saudi and when they asked him for his name and he said..

*drum rolls*


LOL, are these people for reall?!! :P

I think I wrote this on someone's blog!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I had a car accident 3 days ago!! :( I was on my way home back from the University. I was listening to my sister's ipod. The road was jammed. The cars were bearly moving!

SUDDENLEY, I smelled FART! seriously, a really baaaad FART!! there was no one but my driver and I. The car smelled really BAD!
I couldn't breathe. I was like:
What the hell is that smell??!! ufffffffff *how could he just FART!*

The next thing I knew, we bumped into a green Mercedes! I lost my balance, but thank God I was okay & the driver as well. The strange thing now, that my driver didn't get out of the car to check the damage!! he just looked at me (all sweaty) and said: Euphoria, I'm sick!!

I was horrified, OMG!!! what should I do? what should I do?

The Mercedes guy came to us, and he was yelling at me driver: are you BLIND?!
My driver didn't bother to answer, he was REALLY SICK!! so we were waiting for the Police for like 10 minutes (remember the street was jammed) and for sure the accident made it hell worse! so the Mercedes guy decided to move the cars to the Samba parking lot.

While waiting the Police, the guy was staring ALL the time at me! then, he wanted a close-up look, so he came to my driver's window an said: Al Salam Alaikum! I need your Dad's number and name, please! *still staring*
Then, he gave me his Business card:

Ali Al Ghamdi,
Ma2zoon shar3i. LOOL (I think it's a curse!! now i'll never get married) *sniffing*

When the Policeman arrived, my driver had to get out of the car (you know, it's not the U.S.A) and when he did, I smelled that FART smell again!! you know what?! it was hell worse!! it was like a fresh SHIT smell!!
People, I think he shit on his pants! the smell was horrible!! YUCK!!

Dad called: Are you ok?? was he driving fast? speeding?? blah blah..
Mom called: Are you ok?? are you ok?? are you ok?? blah bla...
Dad called: I'm sending you another driver right now, don't forget to pick up your sister from the school.
Mom: don't worry about you sister being late, I already called your uncle's driver, he'll pick her up.

I called my friends. (because the Uni is only 10 minutes away!)

R's cell: not available.
Z's cell: not available.

*God, what should I do? the road is jammed! the driver won't be here for atleast 45 minutes*

I called his sister: Hi, how are you? are you still at the Uni?? oh good, I had an accident nxt to Samba bank, can you pick me up? good, thanks.

10 minutes and thank God she was there :)

It turned out that my driver had a baaaad Diarrhea!!
He ate Indian food the day before, LOoOL :P

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I'm trying to post, but is going CRAZY!!

Friday, September 29, 2006


"How shall I lose the sin, yet keep the sense, and love th'offender, yet detest th'offence?"

~Alexander Pope.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ramadan Kareem :)

Happy Ramadan everyone, may Allah accept our deeds :)

P.S. Happy Saudi National Day! :D

Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Rubbish 2

- Egypt sux ! no shopping, few american movies, no decent restaurants! People, I was sick! Diarrhea!! it ruined my vacation. Never going there again.

- Inshallah i'm graduating this semester :)

- I bought 4 books by Dr. Turki Al-Hamad. I'm so excited!

- All I can hear in the silence that remains are the words that I couldn't say.

- Will a memory survive? one I could hold on to?

- "'Tis not a lip, or eye, we beauty call, But the joint force and full result of all." Alexander Pope.

- I wanna learn German! such an interesting language :)

- Until the Sun no longer shines, that's how long i'll wait for you.

- In matters of love, do actions really speak louder than words? ~Sex and the City.

- I kinda hate my blog at the moment. I actually told Fo0f that I want to delete it!

- Alas, wakefulness has destroyed me, but I am a lover and the truth of loving is awakening. ~Kahlil Gibran.

- I need a new hair-cut.

- Oh, how I love Ramadan :)

- Mirror mirror on the wall, catch me now before I fall.

- I'm tantalized by a pair of green eyes.

- Et ne croyez pas que vous pouvez diriger le cours de l'amour, car si l'amour vous trouve digne, lui-même guidera votre coeur. ~Kahlil Gibran.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to ME!!

I wonder what the day will bring to me ;)

Me, is so so EXCIDTED!! :D

"If you want to look young and thin, hang around old fat people"
~ Jim Eason ~

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Can you really forgive, if you can't forget?
I know I can't.
What about you?

Monday, July 24, 2006

No Bravery!

A very powerful song by the lovely James Blunt.
May Allah save and protect the Islamic Nation.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Can you?

I was watching Sex and the City, and this question came up:

Can you be friends with an Ex?
I mean, is it okay to be friends? just friends nothing more?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Me, me, me!

Meredith Grey to her McDreamy :

"Pick me. Choose me. Love me!"

I love Grey's Anatomy so much! I love this scene! and this line just broke my heart.
this is what I really want to say to you...

Pick me. Choose me. Love me!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


They are back!! :D ALL of them. They are safe again, thank God :)
Welcome back :*

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I'm worried sick. Beirut isn't safe anymore. Yallah come back :\

Breaking news

Israel strikes Beirut airport, blocks ports
My beloved Mcdreamy, My granny, cousins & friends... all in Beirut :(

Israeli aircraft bombed Beirut International Airport on Thursday before blocking naval traffic in Lebanese waters as Israel expanded its military campaign against Hezbollah guerrillas who kidnapped two Israeli soldiers.

Israel Defense Forces said the aim of the naval blockade, announced at midday, was to "block the transfer of terrorists and weaponry."

Lebanese Interior Minister Ahmed Fatfat called the airport strikes a "general act of war," saying they had nothing to do with Hezbollah, but were instead an attack against the country's "economic interests," especially its tourism industry.

Another airstrike, on al-Manar television station, was carried out because the station is used by Hezbollah to incite and recruit activists, according to IDF.

Hezbollah is designated a terrorist organization by the United States and Israel, but the Islamic militia is a significant player in Lebanon's fractious politics. Its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, told reporters that abducting the soldiers was "our natural, only and logical right" to win freedom for Hezbollah prisoners held by Israel.

Nasrallah said the two soldiers had been taken to a place "far, far away" and that an Israeli military campaign would not win their release.

The new fighting on Israel's northern border comes amid a two-week-old Israeli campaign in Gaza in search of Israeli army Cpl. Gilad Shalit, a soldier kidnapped by Palestinian militants there.

May Allah protect you all :(

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

1st Tag :)

I've been tagged by Rima & my dear friend Sedna :)

1. You receive a gift. You open it and say "Wow, this is exactly what I need. It came in time." What is the gift?

Chocolate cake :P

2. Close your eyes, now open them. You are someone else. Who do you want it to be?

Does Angel count? :)

3. You are sitting in a coffee shop in the Champs-Elysées. There are five chairs around the table, you sit on one, who sits on the other four?

My McDreamy ;) , my bestfriend, her hubby, shopping bags :P

4. They give you a chance to appear on TV for five minutes. Everyone on the planet is watching you, and everyone will believe whatever comes out of your mouth. What will your message be?

pink elephants actually do exist! :)

20 Things about Me:

1- I'm the real Cookie Monster ;)
2- Red is my Fav color.
3- I love Sushi :D
4- I like Orcheds.
5- Kahlil Gibran, is my Fav poet & philosopher.
6- Memoirs of a Gisha, is my Fav novel.
7- I don't have any talent :
8- I love clubbin' :D
9- I (heart) king Abdullah :P
10- I'm a Leo.
11- I have a long hair.
12- uff, can't think of more.. maybe later

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Rubbish 1

- Hmmm.. a month from now.. the 6th of Aug, my Birthday! :)

- Any recommendation for a slef-tanner?

- 1st, France. Then, Switzerland. And now, you're in Beirut?! it's been 7 months!! come back please! :(

- I'm going to watch the final game at Casper& Gambini's.
Forzaaaa Italiaaaa *crossing fingers*

- I wanna read Angela's Ashes . by Frank McCourt.

- Should I spend the summer in Turkey or Beirut? ;)

- "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend" *sighs*

- Ooh, how I miss being called Angelica :(

- My Period is 8 weeks late!! :
- Do you know where can I attend a CPR class/course here in Jeddah?

- My best friend is pregnant!! twinz!! mashallaaaaaaaaah. I love twinz :D

- I think that ALL doctors are sexy ;)

- Offf, I'm bored already :S

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Yeah baby

Forza Italiaaaaaaa!! ;)

I just lo0o0oved the game, the fact that Ukraine has lost.. hehehe & for sure loved the hotties ;) they were AWESOME!! :D

Saturday, June 24, 2006


I miss you, please come back :(

oh what a price for me to pay! my heart is painted blue.

Please come home safe & soon :*

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The reason is you!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mobile tag

Open your mobile phones sms inbox and write down the latest 10 messages and from who..

1) M.S:
Marra ma tista7eeeeee!! Ma 7abbetik 5alas :(

2) Fo0f:
When things go wrong, when sadnes fills ur heart, when tears flow in ur eyes, Always remember 3 things:
1- u r cute
2- i'm cute
3- the rest r all ugly!!

3) Es$s$:
How do you read these words (NTBLB)??

it's verry easy, and very true.
Read it letter by letter..

(.N . T . B . L . B.)


4) M.S:
Tawwi 7a6ait rasi on the pillow, ree7at female perfume :o
out of the subject, ur nose marra nicely sculpted mashallah, very nice ;)

5) Cute inti :)

6) Najwa:
hal ladaika mu97af musta3mal aw qadeem? (markaz al 3enaya belma9a7efalmusta3mala) yaqoom betajdeedaha o tawzee3aha leman hum fi ams al7aja elaiha
lel estefsar/ Jeddah 0508531397 / 6736730 / 6752777
la tansa an tarsel al resala le '3airak, baldal 3al 5air kafa3elah!

7) Rano0o0osh:
Business card.

8) Reham:
Business card.

9) Soso:
Lo0o0ol, ok :P

10) Sushi:
Why on earth? :

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Manipulating Questions

Why is Manipulation always part of the attraction dance?
What's wrong with a little Manipulation?
Is Manipulation a good thing or a bad thing?
What if Manipulation is a part of our DNA?
If u flirt with the wrong person to get the right person to notice, who are you Manipulating? is it the wrong person? or is it the right person? is it both?

Friday, May 26, 2006

Madonna mood!

I'm in a Madonna mood!

I'm in love with Madonna's old songs. 80's and early 90's songs.

aaaah, childhood memories :)

Is it just me? I listen to her songs all the time, specially Rain, Just like a prayer, This used to be my playground, Borderline, Like a virgine, Papa don't preach...etc.

My friends call me "Philippo"!!!!!!!
loving 80's songs doesn't make me a Philippino! ugggh!

Currently listening to: Rain

I feel it...
It's coming...

Feel it on my finger tips, hear it on my window pane
Your love's coming down like
Wash away my sorrow, take away my pain
Your love's coming down like

When your lips are burning mine
And you take the time to tell me how you feel
When you listen to my words
And I know you've heard, I know it's real
Rain is what this thunder brings
For the first time I can hear my heart sing
Call me a fool but I know I'm not
I'm gonna stand out here on the mountain top
Till I feel your

Feel it on my finger tips, hear it on my window pane
Your love's coming down likeRain
Wash away my sorrow, take away my pain
Your love's coming down like

Friday, May 12, 2006

Just say it!

I wanted you to apologize... in words... saying you're sorry, to hug me, to say that i'm your favorite daughter, that you're proud of me...

but you didn't.....

you bought me a gift instead......

a new Camera!

that's your way of saying sorry...

you always shower me with gifts instead of........ words!

I guess you'll never change..

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Love is here

Love is here; it is the blood in my veins, my skin.
I am destroyed; He has filled me with Passion.
His fire has flooded the nerves of my body.
Who am I? Just my name; the rest is Him.
Ibn Al-Rumi

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


1,2,3... testing, testing.. 1.. 2.. 3...