Monday, November 20, 2006

My Rubbish 3

- "Feeling and longing are the motive forces behind all human endeavor and human creation" Albet Enistein.

- You had me from... Hello!

- I'm currently reading: The Snow Flower And The Secret Fan. By Lisa See.

- My bestfriend gave birth to a cute twins, they're sooo beautiful mashallah :)

- In the battle of sexes, attack is the best form of defence!

- Sometimes, you have to be crule to be nice!

- "It's always with the best intentions that the worst work is done" Pablo Picasso.

- Do you remember the anime version of Hans Christian Anderson's >>The Little Mermaid<< I still watch this cartoon!! I'm so inlove with it. I've had it since I was 5. You do the math.

- I went with my dear friend to Andalusia cafe. The owner is Ahmed Shuqairi. Ring any bell?? yep, he's the >>Khawater<< guy! while we were eating, guess who came in to check that's everything was ok?? yesssss, it was him (heart) isn't he cute, sexy, well-educated, handsome or what? ;) I know I know.. Don't give me this look, i know he's married with children. God bless them :)

- I want this Special Edition >>RED ipod nano<< -By the way, it's a - >>(PRODUCT) RED<<
I think it's sexy, I like Red, it's my fav color!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What the..??

My cell was ringing..... Unknown number...
uffff, it's been a while now with unknown numbers!! annoying stupid guys :
I usually don't answer them, but I did this time.. I was waiting for my classmate to call.

Me: Alo?

Stupid guy: Alo? (silly, I know!)

Me: Yes?

Stupid guy: Al Salam 3alaikom (yukh voice)

Me: O 3alaikom al salam.

Stupid guy: Kaifek?? *as if he knows me very well*

Me: Meen??!!! *very annoyed*

Stupid guy: Meen?? heh!! *proudly now* ma3aki AL GALB AL SHUJA3!!

*Brave heart??!!!* LOL

What the hell is WRONG WITH Saudis and STUPID nicknames?!!

Wallah I remember a few moths a go, I was with la familia in the car and the FM was on, there was this guy calling from Saudi and when they asked him for his name and he said..

*drum rolls*


LOL, are these people for reall?!! :P

I think I wrote this on someone's blog!