Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What the..??

My cell was ringing..... Unknown number...
uffff, it's been a while now with unknown numbers!! annoying stupid guys :
I usually don't answer them, but I did this time.. I was waiting for my classmate to call.

Me: Alo?

Stupid guy: Alo? (silly, I know!)

Me: Yes?

Stupid guy: Al Salam 3alaikom (yukh voice)

Me: O 3alaikom al salam.

Stupid guy: Kaifek?? *as if he knows me very well*

Me: Meen??!!! *very annoyed*

Stupid guy: Meen?? heh!! *proudly now* ma3aki AL GALB AL SHUJA3!!

*Brave heart??!!!* LOL

What the hell is WRONG WITH Saudis and STUPID nicknames?!!

Wallah I remember a few moths a go, I was with la familia in the car and the FM was on, there was this guy calling from Saudi and when they asked him for his name and he said..

*drum rolls*


LOL, are these people for reall?!! :P

I think I wrote this on someone's blog!


J. Cutie said...

WJ3! 7atta fel mo3akasa mn jd STUPID!!
I don't mind to get Unknown numbers! ;P ONLY IF, the guy was cute & Must know what to say & when to shut up!!!! lol

Sure Mr. AL '6AB AL 3ASHEG was kidding! I mean come on! On Air + AL '6AB AL 3ASHEG? marrah 9a3ba!! lol

Even SOME Saudi girls choose some stupid nicknames! After all, Stupidity isn't restricted to guys only! lol

Euphie, m3aki Al Farasha Al 7ola! LOL

Euphoria said...

LOOOOOOOL!! farasha 7oola! hehehe kaif jebteeha de? :P

BTW, I never sait it's restricted to guys only! I said Saudis! ;)

SaRo0Na said...

men jed they think inno they can get a girl like that?
AARGH! y39boony!!

Black Orchid said...

u have no idea how hard i laughed at "al galb al shuja3" :P:P:P

Oo kaman they say "المجاريح" or "سجين الرياض" - i saw that on some channel.

Euphoria said...

SaRo0Na: Seriously stupid :P

Black orchid: Wallah he was marra peroud saying it!! lol

ewa, the music channels are FULL of these people SMSing :P

JЗωЄL® said...

seriously??? 6'AB?? is that supposed to be a turn on?
you know, you never know, maybe some "ameerat al a7zan" finds that very alluring! These people are using such names cuz some girls actually buy that! that's....sad!

Euphoria said...

Jewel: That's SCARY mo bs sad!! lol :P

ahmed said...

6ala9 i'll start calling myself; aljarboo3 alm7ashish on my bluetooth :D lool

Fo0f said...

Awalaaaan; MabRRoooK U posted =D

LMAO!!! on the whole thing!! Check out Ahmed !!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Gloomy said...

some people are soooooooooooooooooo stupid they enjoy bugging other people its like a hobby

Euphoria said...
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Euphoria said...

Ahmed: Typical saudi !! ewww :P

Fo0f: Allah yebarek feeki :)

Gloomy: Men jed!! :|

-OT- said...

2 years ago, my friend was in Egypt and he wanted to send me something through bluetooth and as he was searching for my name, "Al-'6ab Al-Wardy" came up on his phone! Of course we laughed so hard until the Pink '6ab actually told us it was him, he was sitting right beside us... He was Saudi of course :P

Euphoria said...

LOOOOL!! Al Wardy!! m3 nafso!!

Rimyoleta said...

oh please don't lit me Start!
1/al walad el E6ali.
2/9a5rat al 7ob.
3/3agrab al mwadah.
4/5a6af al yelween.
5/katkoota mafloota
ela al abad:P

Fo0f said...

I remember a Namosah.. But that was it, I'll come back when I have something more meaningful =P`

J. Cutie said...

For some period of time, my uncle had on his bluetooth: Al walad Al 3oryan! :P & I had: Al walad Al mfa9e5!!!! :P lol
I couldn't have it Al bent Al mfa9e5a cuz...... u know!!! :P lol

-OT- said...

Yeah, u'd get bombarded with bluetooth connection requests by so many perverts who drool over reading the word Bent alone, let alone mfa9ekha kaman :P hehe

J. Cutie said...

looooooooooooooool that's IT!!!! :p

Sedna said...


and hahaha Ahmed's comment cracked me up!!!!!

Reema said...

hehehehhhehe algalb alshoja3:)))) what an airhead!!!

and yes i get to hear some of the ever so dummy saudi callers on MBC FM.jeeeez to call them pathetic is an understatement wallah!!!
the really stupid thing is that it's okay for them to call those programs,and to talk stupidly disgracing themselves.but to declare their names ohhhhh that's a big no no.that's the undoable and 3aib!!!

LuLu said...

looooooooooool allah y3eenahom 3ala nafsahom

wastedchix said...

"AL GALB AL SHUJA3!! *Brave heart!*" -> give me a BREAK !

i cant believe how stupid are they and how embracin it iz to keep hearin them on programs calling and askin 4 “5aled 3bdlerahman” songs with their total silly nicknames !

msd ya GIRL !

Wasted MFaHiaa