Monday, November 20, 2006

My Rubbish 3

- "Feeling and longing are the motive forces behind all human endeavor and human creation" Albet Enistein.

- You had me from... Hello!

- I'm currently reading: The Snow Flower And The Secret Fan. By Lisa See.

- My bestfriend gave birth to a cute twins, they're sooo beautiful mashallah :)

- In the battle of sexes, attack is the best form of defence!

- Sometimes, you have to be crule to be nice!

- "It's always with the best intentions that the worst work is done" Pablo Picasso.

- Do you remember the anime version of Hans Christian Anderson's >>The Little Mermaid<< I still watch this cartoon!! I'm so inlove with it. I've had it since I was 5. You do the math.

- I went with my dear friend to Andalusia cafe. The owner is Ahmed Shuqairi. Ring any bell?? yep, he's the >>Khawater<< guy! while we were eating, guess who came in to check that's everything was ok?? yesssss, it was him (heart) isn't he cute, sexy, well-educated, handsome or what? ;) I know I know.. Don't give me this look, i know he's married with children. God bless them :)

- I want this Special Edition >>RED ipod nano<< -By the way, it's a - >>(PRODUCT) RED<<
I think it's sexy, I like Red, it's my fav color!


J. Cutie said...

-About Albert Enistein, I like almost all of his quotes; especially the 1 I got in my bolg! lol

-About Having Me for someone else, ...... that some1 had me from "ya 7obby lek bs!"......!

-About current reading, I CANNOT find any time to read!!!! I have about more than 8 novels & so that I just cannot find time to read!

-About babies, Allah ybarek to your bestfriend :),I'm planning to give birth to mu cute twins too! I don't know how but I'm still determined! loooooooooool ;P

-About relationships between sexes, I prefer to be picked, then pick for myself! ;)

-About treating ppl., I recently learned that I must act indifferencely & slightly rude, in order to get the full respect/fear from others! Yes I've just learned that I have to act so, so no one could humiliate me & underestimate me just becuz I'm too nice & look rather breakable!!!!

-About that quote, I agree :)

-About Little Mermaid, unfortunately; I've never watch it! :S but I do love anim. mivies a lot! :)

you like THAT guy?????
Asta'3fer Allah bs! I don't know why but I DON'T!! @ all!
& where's that Andalusia cafe? I like how it sounds & would love to try it.. do you recommend it BTW? :)

-About Ipods, not a fan! :)

Have a peaceful evening dear :)

Euphoria said...

- Albet Enistein was a wise, wise man =P

- Hello, is it me you're looking for? *dreamy*

- Never read that, tell us if it's worth it =)

- I luuuv twins, mashallah, allah y5leehom laha o y3eenha 3alihom =D

- In the battle of EVERYTHING; attack is the best form of defence ;)

- I just don't get that, do tell why/how?? =)

- lol@ Pablo Picasso. It's more more than enough he died broke!

- Is that the one with the sad ending? I hated that one =(

- I wana go to Andalusia cafe and meet Ahmed Al-Shuqairi!!! Don't blame urself, we all luv him (L)

- I think you should totally get the Ipod!!

Gurl, don't let this stop you, wala u should post more often!!

Euphoria said...

Lol, that was me Fo0f!! I gotta sign out ur profile ASAP :$

Hopeless Poet said...

One word, that's all you've said! Something in your voice caught me, turned my head! Your smile, just captured me, and you were in my future as far as I can see. And I don't know how it happened, but it happened still! You asked me if I love you if I always will! Well you had me from HELLO :D

Dazed & Confused said...

just came across ur blog ,very nice :)

comg from a movie quotes fan kaman

Euphoria said...

J.Cutie: WHY????? everybody loves Ahmed Shuqairi !!!

Sultan's street. bs I don't think you'll like it !! lol

Euphoria wanna be aka Fo0f:

LOL, thanks for the post :P

ewaaaa ya Fo0f, the one with the sad ending :(
you should come to Jeddah wallah, I'll take you there ;)

Euphoria said...

Hopeless poet: aaah, *daydreamying* :(

Dazed & Confused: Welcome to my blog :)

Hopeless Poet said...

Don't daydream it! Just say hello more often and someday one of them will fall :P

Glow! said...

Why do you think I wont like it?? :P

Euphoria said...


me along me: Why don't you check it your self :P

Dotsson said...

How is the food in Andalusia cafe? I hope it isn't like many of the new cafes sprouting around Jeddah that are over rated, over priced and extremely bad when it comes to making food. Pearls Cafe, Zee Noodle, Black Rose are all on my shit list.

Rimyoleta said...

yeah the Red I pod it HOT:D

Black Orchid said...

you saw ahmed al Shuqairi!!!
damn i hate you :(:(

he's so hottttttt

Reema said...

GOSHHHHHHHH Euphoria!!! u saw
Shagairy!!!>>>hearts bouncing around

lucky lucky girl mshallah:))

he's a HOTTIE.and yes ppl i know too that he's married!! but that doesnt mean that we should be not appreciative of his hotness:))