Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fresh Graduate!

Oooooooh how I miss you guys!!!!!! it's been AGES!! I can't believe it!

I've been working really hard for this semester, & thank God, I'm pleased with my results and as Aristotle said:
"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."

So please please please tell me ppl, what's new??!! I wanna hear good news about you all.

- I'm HOOKED on Facebook! interesting.. Finding old friends :)
- I'm sending my CV to Emar. I'm so interested! :D
- Is there any comming event for an Art exhibition in Jeddah?
- I so wanna go to Beirut in this vacation :(
- I can catch-up with my readings now, FINALLY.

P.S. the painting is by: Alma Tadema - A Coign of Vantage


FiFi said...

hehe as they all say Facebook is the new addiction ..
even more addictive than the blogosphere..

anyways welcome back =)

Euphoria said...

Fifi: Yep, it's an addiction! seriously!

thanks sweetie :)

Gloomy said...

facebook I'm there too. It's nice to have you back. we all missed you 5a9atan ana ;P

Hopeless Poet said...

Mabrook and good luck in your job hunt :D

Glow! said...

Wanted to be the first to congrats you! Guess I'm the first! *Refer to the cboxie! :P
The new is that alomst everybody in here has a profile in Facebook! :D lol really we're having fun in there! I wanna add you there tra maly sho'3ol! :P
The blogsphere's been dead for a while!
Everyone is just busy doing something or studying or playing around! So it's a bit quiet :)


As HP said, Good luck in jobhunting & welcome to the Workers Club ya sweetie! :D

AhMeD said...

Facebook is addictive :S

Euphoria said...

Gloomy & Hopless Poet: Marra thaaaanks :)

Glow: Well, you're the 1st indeed ;)
Men jed!! kol al ppl henak!! thank God it's not stupid like Hi5, bs the problem is my full name henak! :P

marra thaanks :)

Ahmed, mo bs men zamaaaaaan 3annak!! esh da! how are you man?

Dazed & Confused said...

Congrats , elnaaaaage7 yerfa3 eidoooooh heeeeeeeeeeeeh :)


Euphoria said...

DC: Thaaanks :D heeeeeeeeeeeeh LOL :P

Glow! said...

eggdrwsNo excuse!!!
Unless you really don't feel like so!

Glow! said...

eggdrws .. this stupid word was the Word Verification thing! GOSH I hate it!

Fo0f said...


First off, Congrats! Hope u get that Imar job *damn, girl, u dont waste any time :P*
What's new is everyone's hooked on Facebook, art in Jeddah? I wouldn't know :(
I am in luv with the painting u posted!

~Welcome back luv *hugs*

Euphoria said...

Glow, lol :P

Fo0f: Thaaaaaaaanks :)
bent, i didn't send my Cv .. maybe kaman 2 days :P
yeaaaah, ART in my beloved Jeddah.. u gotta visit us!
Thanks, I like it too

*hugs back*