Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Rubbish 2

- Egypt sux ! no shopping, few american movies, no decent restaurants! People, I was sick! Diarrhea!! it ruined my vacation. Never going there again.

- Inshallah i'm graduating this semester :)

- I bought 4 books by Dr. Turki Al-Hamad. I'm so excited!

- All I can hear in the silence that remains are the words that I couldn't say.

- Will a memory survive? one I could hold on to?

- "'Tis not a lip, or eye, we beauty call, But the joint force and full result of all." Alexander Pope.

- I wanna learn German! such an interesting language :)

- Until the Sun no longer shines, that's how long i'll wait for you.

- In matters of love, do actions really speak louder than words? ~Sex and the City.

- I kinda hate my blog at the moment. I actually told Fo0f that I want to delete it!

- Alas, wakefulness has destroyed me, but I am a lover and the truth of loving is awakening. ~Kahlil Gibran.

- I need a new hair-cut.

- Oh, how I love Ramadan :)

- Mirror mirror on the wall, catch me now before I fall.

- I'm tantalized by a pair of green eyes.

- Et ne croyez pas que vous pouvez diriger le cours de l'amour, car si l'amour vous trouve digne, lui-même guidera votre coeur. ~Kahlil Gibran.


Black Orchid said...

"Until the Sun no longer shines, that's how long i'll wait for you." hey is that Leap Of Faith?? or ana shway m5arfa .. dunno lol

i wanna lean German too! actually i do know some words y3ni agdar 2mashi nafsi when i go there cuz i understand a bit, but i want to speak it fluently=D like you said its very interesting!!

Euphoria said...

Blackorchid: Yep!! Leap of faith :)
HE'S HOT! ;)

tab, teach me showayyat German? :P

Rimyoleta said...

nice Rubbish :D

Euphoria said...


Doomy lata chocolata said...

wb..cairo sux..fe shopping tra lol..few shops in 1st mall and the new 4 season mall..but when i went there kil shay kan m5alle9 :\ so no shopping..and everyday the same places :| i stayed 5 days there kan byjeeni enheyar..SO CROWDED..u should've gone to sharm ;) its beautiful ;)

Doomy lata chocolata said...
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Doomy lata chocolata said...

and i didnt watch '3air one movie :( supermans return..m3aki 7ag its sux BIG TIME :|

Sever said...

Hello :)

Sorry, but where did you stay in Egypt?

I think I have another opinion only because I'm looking from another point ;-)

Amazing German?
Not hard - that's true :)

ABDULLA said...

just wondering, what books for Turki have you purchased?

Euphoria said...

Doomy: ana shoft The lady in the water. Didn't like it :S

Sever: hi there :)

yep, Cairo, InterContinental City Stars.

what another point, Cairo was boring to me! :S

Abdulla: Atyaf al azeqqa al mahjoora (al3addama, alshumaisi, alkaradeeb) & sharq al wadi :)
I finished Al 3addama & now reading Al Shumaisi. I like it so far

J. Cutie said...

About Egypt...
Honey, Diarrhea is a must!! loool
I swear it's True!! I wonder what do they put in the food, air, ppl. faces.... etc... :P

About Turki...
I used to be a fan..
now I don't think big deal of him!!

About memory...
It lets you down in time passing...

About Alexander Pope...
He's good!

About German lang....
do u know the joke?
* when talking to ur horse, use German!!! :) insulting huh!

About matters of love...
actions & words MUST harmonize with each other <--- personal perspective! :)

About hating ur blog...
hate it if u wish!
Don't delete it!

About Kahlil Gibran...
he's 1 of a kind!

About hair cuts...
go get one immediately!
it's spirit lifting wallah...
a good hair cut of course! :P

About Ramadan...
I'm loving it too :x

About French Kahlil Gibran...
moi understands none! :P

Have a cheerful day! :)

Edward Ott said...

where in egypt were you, as there is tons of shopping in cairo.


Doomy lata chocolata said...

euphoria..jroo7 elthakira by turki el7amad is a must read !

Gloomy said...

at last a new post, I've wated ages to read a new one I'm in love with your blog I read almost everything.

nice sayings they are soooooooo deeeeeeeep although i did not understand the last one "I NEED THE TRANSULATION" :P

euphoria said...
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Euphoria said...

J.cutie: Thanks :)

Edward ott: Cairo!! tons of shopping in Cairo!! no way!! I was there. I didn't like the boutiques there!

Doomy: I bought his books from Cairo, you?

Gloomy: OMG! *blushing*
awww, thanks alot dear :)

J.cutie & Gloomy:
Here is the translation,
" And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course"

Black Orchid said...

sure i'll teach ya;)
but much will that cost?!:P


-OT- said...

Interesting string of thoughts :)
I made a promise to myself that I would never visit Cairo either! It's just not my cup of tea!! As for Ramadan, I love the atmosphere it brings with it :)

J. Cutie said...

"And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course"

Wow... nice nice nice nice....

Moi love French Gibran ;)

euphoria said...

Blackorched: for free?? *cute look* :P

-ot-: Yeah, never again!! touba :P

J.cutie: ;)

Sedna said...

~ lol, bad experience ha?

~ All the best 7abeebti

~ I only read one Arabic book ever :P "Banaat Al-Riyadh"

~ You missed a "d" :P

~ Don't talk like that, it scares me :(

~ Aha...

~ Ditto! It's the roots of the English language anyway

~ Until the sun no longer shines and longer still...

~ Confusing :/


~ And tired eyes are the evidence

~ Ditto!!!

~ Can't wait..

~ Ouch no. You don't want to fall on glass sweetie. I did that once


~ Je n'ai pas compris, mais je voudrais lire quelque chose par Gibran

Black Orchid said...

okay i'll do it for free:P lol

these are some easy words

Ja = Yes (pronounced Ya)

Keine = No (pronounced nine)

Hallo = Hello

guter Morgen = Good Morning

gute Nacht = Good Night

Tschuess = Bye (pronounced like choos)

danken Ihnen = Thank You (pronounced danke shune)

btw the pronounciation is 3ala keafi lol y3ni my way:p)

Fo0f said...


-One; I luv the colorfulness of this entery!!
-Egypt always sucked in my books!
-Congrats on school, break a leg girl!
-Mom speaks German, and always says it's the easiest European language to learn, go for it ;)
-Until the Sun no longer shines, that's how long i'll wait for you. totally love it!!
- In matters of love, do actions really speak louder than words? ~I think yes =)
- If you delete it i'll kill you, it's an ass kicking blog!!

I g2g sleep, sorry for the late comment!

Euphoria said...

Sedna: Did you like Banat Al-Riyadh? :P

Read me comment to J.cutie & Gloomy, you'll find the translation ;)

Blackorchid: Thaaaaaaanks :X

Fo0f: No worries :P

Diabz said...

: 0

how cums i didnt know abt ur blog?!
now im gonna be ur new lazga :p

Euphoria said...

Diabz: LOL, ya 7ayya allah men yanna (Kuwaiti accent) ;)

I'm glad that you like m3 enno kollo rubbish :P

thanks lazga ;)