Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Rubbish 1

- Hmmm.. a month from now.. the 6th of Aug, my Birthday! :)

- Any recommendation for a slef-tanner?

- 1st, France. Then, Switzerland. And now, you're in Beirut?! it's been 7 months!! come back please! :(

- I'm going to watch the final game at Casper& Gambini's.
Forzaaaa Italiaaaa *crossing fingers*

- I wanna read Angela's Ashes . by Frank McCourt.

- Should I spend the summer in Turkey or Beirut? ;)

- "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend" *sighs*

- Ooh, how I miss being called Angelica :(

- My Period is 8 weeks late!! :
- Do you know where can I attend a CPR class/course here in Jeddah?

- My best friend is pregnant!! twinz!! mashallaaaaaaaaah. I love twinz :D

- I think that ALL doctors are sexy ;)

- Offf, I'm bored already :S


Manno said...


My name's Marco and i surf the "blogger" site and I see your blog!!! I'm Italian!!!


Euphoria said...

OMG!!! you're really Italian??!! ;)

I just love you guys ;)

Forzaaaa Italiaaaaaaaaa :)

Mystique said...

Nice blog..
For a self tanner, I think dior the ligh tan is good..
Of course go to Turkey..
Go to a Gyno!
yes doctors ARE sexy!

BaSSeM said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy in advance :)

No i don't know any self tanners and if i did that would be freaky now, wouldn't it!

Casper has the games on? well, i usually watch the games at Baquette 7maaaaaaaaaas

I say Beirut because i like it and i don't know Turkey!

Tell ppl to call u Angelica.. why stop?! Hey Angelica!

are you pregnant?!!! 8 weeks late?

i think there are CPR courses in almost every hospital in jeddah. Uni hos[ital has, SGH has and al3askary has those are for sure

I think that ALL doctors are sexy ;) <-- yup yup :P

Euphoria said...


Thanks :)
Dior? hmmm.. gotta try it.
Inshallah.. we'll see.
and yupppppp, damn sexy ;)


Thaaaaaanks Bassem :)
I went to my Granny's house instead, lol :P
I love Beirut!!!! ;)
I'm not pregnant! I'm not married in the 1st place :P bs I have no idea why my Period is always lat! gotta go to the Doc.
I'll ask my friends about CPR courses in the Uni Hospital, thanks :)
yeah, they are ;)

Fo0f said...

Hey Angelica =D
Self tanners smell =S or so I think, nature rocks! And go to beirut ;) *Double sigh*
Enjoy the summer and I hope you the best B-day! and a better rewarding year ;) CPR are quite popular, and Doctors are hot! lol
-So, whats this place Casper?? -not a Jeddah person, at ALL-

Euphoria said...

Hey Nunz ;)
they smell? :\
I so wanna goooo, pray for me!!
Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks :)
yeah, they are ;)

Hmmm, come to Jeddah, and i'll show you Casper and everything else ;)

Black Orchid said...

your 8 weeks late!! mn jd you have to see a

yup seriously all doctors are sexy!!!

and btw, go to Turkey:D - marra 7lwa -

Sedna said...

- Leo, leo leo ;)

- Clinique - fair

- Don't you just hate it when they do that?

- Mabrook...

- I wanna read SO many books...bass "when" is the question.

- Do a bit of both ;)

- Easy said :(

- :*

- Yemkin stress?

- Nops, sorry.

- Ohhh yay :D

- Only in movies :P

- lol why? that was fun!

A HEROINE said...

Italy did win, congrats for that ... The zidanne bit is still puzzling me, I HAVE TO FIND OUT WHAT WAS SAID ... GRRR. :) Meoww ... lol, sorry, I am tired.

Congrats on the pregnancy of your friend Angelica *hint,hint* ... The book, I heard is really good, I haven't read it though, I am trying to work Khaled Hossein's (Kite Runner) in between my hectic schedual.

Other than that, amazing blog, I loved it, just great.

Fo0f said...

ya shay5a tasjeel starts the Saturday after I start my annual leave!! (correct me if I'm wrong) That's so not fair, I don't know if I'm coming to Jeddah otherwise ='(
self tanners smell like Hennah! don't ya think?? lol, i know i got a problem with them =p

Euphoria said...

Sedna: :)

Heroine: Yeah, I wanna know too :|
aww, thaanks ;)
enjoy your book :)

Thanks again *blushing* :)

Fo0f: Men jed?! :\ i'll check.
Hennah? I hate 7ennah :P

Doomy lata chocolata said...

yeah foof is right they smell a bit like henna :s i tried lancester last summer but there wasnt any results :\

Euphoria said...

Doomy lata chocolata:

Henna?! lol