Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Can you?

I was watching Sex and the City, and this question came up:

Can you be friends with an Ex?
I mean, is it okay to be friends? just friends nothing more?


Sedna said...

9ara7a.. I don't know HOW ppl can do that. How can you just be friends with someone if you always want more?

Bass I guess it's better than losing the person altogether.. madree interesting question.


Doomy lata chocolata said...

No..I dont think so..how can u be friends with someone u had feelings for..it could be possible for some ppl..but impossible for the rest.

Chocoholic said...

I thought about this a lot..
I guess it depends if either one of u had feelings for the other one, then NO..
But if it was "just" a gf/bf situation then I guess it "could" happen..

Baroque said...

no cuz he/ or you depending on dumps who, tries their best to get back together.. and never views their ex as an ex, but as a lover throughout the encounter..

i used to believe in that.. but i guess life teaches u otherwise.. so0 No, the answer is No.. except if the guy turns gay or vice versa, then this is another case ;p

Black Orchid said...

ana i agree with Doomy! it's so true!

LuLu said...

ya i agree with them ppl...u cant do that...even if u did its gonna be so hard,,its easier to leave it altogether than just be FRIENDS

by the way euphoria marrah 7eloo al blog title 7agik

Trevelyana said...

I think it can be done. I'm friends with a couple of mine.
I mean, we were friends Befooore anything happened weren't we?
It's sort of like.. a tribute to what we had.. that it was special enough not to cut all ties.

p.S I LOOOVE Grey's anatomy I can't WAIT for next season.. I'm even taking an earlier flight back to catch the beginning of the season.

Euphoria said...

Sedna: "Bass I guess it's better than losing the person altogether"
that's what I was thinking about while posting this Q ;)

you can't comment 'cause umm.. I don't want anyone to comment on some posts. Sometimes I post for myself :P

Doomy lata chocolata :
I think it's possible when the person is planning to be more than just friends with the Ex!

Euphoria said...

Chocoholic: Yeah, it could!

Baroque: I guess you're right, lol ;)

Blackorchid: Yep!

LuLu: I agree that's it's gonna be hard, but it's NEVER easier to leave it altogether than just be FRIENDS!!
oh, and thanks sweetie :)

Trevelyana: I agree :)

I (heart) Grey's Anatomy!! :D

wastedchix said...

u can b friends .. but u have to be saperated at least 6 months

(we did it)

beejay™ said...

it depends on hoe much he really meant to u and how it ended. the more serious it was, the harder.
you know what, that was just me trying to be nice but naaah forget it..friendz my ass..havent u read my post?? i posted something about this..
i dunno..it depends..!!!

beejay™ said...

im friendz with an ex now bs its not the same as when we were friendz before. i feel like im faking it just to be nice. everytime we talk im actually annoyed by him..so i guess NO just skip the friendship thing..u got alot more friends..u dont need an ex to remind u of the past..its gonna be so hard if u really loved him. just bring back the memories plus u'll get heartbroken when he's with someone else.
OR just be superficial friends. just sat7i. not a deep one

wastedchix said...

I tried but I couldn’t , even if I wasn’t in love with him anymore... I just cant !!!
It didn’t work out with Sara & Mr. Big , remember! (;

AhMeD said...

Oh you watch Sex & the City and Grey's Anatomy! Great taste :P

I thought about it when carrie asked it too, my answer is: NO.

At least for me, I can't.

btw I loved what she said in the episode when that freak with scary eye brows BIG left to CA:

"Seasons change, so do people. Some come in our lives while others leave. But one thing can always give us comfort: That the one's we love are always in our hearts"

LeoMastiC said...

Well hey, its amazing that you end a relationship of some level to start on a new pattern, i think, no wait I believe… yeah.. cos you wouldnt fall for him/her unless in base they are awesome!
so come whatever, never lose those you gave time from your life to get to know jus go with the wind..

jus scanning through, no worries..