Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I had a car accident 3 days ago!! :( I was on my way home back from the University. I was listening to my sister's ipod. The road was jammed. The cars were bearly moving!

SUDDENLEY, I smelled FART! seriously, a really baaaad FART!! there was no one but my driver and I. The car smelled really BAD!
I couldn't breathe. I was like:
What the hell is that smell??!! ufffffffff *how could he just FART!*

The next thing I knew, we bumped into a green Mercedes! I lost my balance, but thank God I was okay & the driver as well. The strange thing now, that my driver didn't get out of the car to check the damage!! he just looked at me (all sweaty) and said: Euphoria, I'm sick!!

I was horrified, OMG!!! what should I do? what should I do?

The Mercedes guy came to us, and he was yelling at me driver: are you BLIND?!
My driver didn't bother to answer, he was REALLY SICK!! so we were waiting for the Police for like 10 minutes (remember the street was jammed) and for sure the accident made it hell worse! so the Mercedes guy decided to move the cars to the Samba parking lot.

While waiting the Police, the guy was staring ALL the time at me! then, he wanted a close-up look, so he came to my driver's window an said: Al Salam Alaikum! I need your Dad's number and name, please! *still staring*
Then, he gave me his Business card:

Ali Al Ghamdi,
Ma2zoon shar3i. LOOL (I think it's a curse!! now i'll never get married) *sniffing*

When the Policeman arrived, my driver had to get out of the car (you know, it's not the U.S.A) and when he did, I smelled that FART smell again!! you know what?! it was hell worse!! it was like a fresh SHIT smell!!
People, I think he shit on his pants! the smell was horrible!! YUCK!!

Dad called: Are you ok?? was he driving fast? speeding?? blah blah..
Mom called: Are you ok?? are you ok?? are you ok?? blah bla...
Dad called: I'm sending you another driver right now, don't forget to pick up your sister from the school.
Mom: don't worry about you sister being late, I already called your uncle's driver, he'll pick her up.

I called my friends. (because the Uni is only 10 minutes away!)

R's cell: not available.
Z's cell: not available.

*God, what should I do? the road is jammed! the driver won't be here for atleast 45 minutes*

I called his sister: Hi, how are you? are you still at the Uni?? oh good, I had an accident nxt to Samba bank, can you pick me up? good, thanks.

10 minutes and thank God she was there :)

It turned out that my driver had a baaaad Diarrhea!!
He ate Indian food the day before, LOoOL :P


Fo0f said...

You're driver is so gross!!

7amdellah 3ala salamtk awwal, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! That was some funny story! Ma2zoon shar3e! Why hit HIM! lol

Ashwa his sis picked up, she'll tell "him" =P

again, gross driver =P

Mochness said...

Disgusting driver...honestly, eww!


I'd have kicked his ass...oh wait, that wouldn't be a good thing to do at the time :S :|


Euphoria said...

Fo0f: Allah yesallemek ya 7elwa :)
this post is dedicated to you, LOL!

thanks for your help with the post!! :D

Mochness: Men jed EWWW!! :p

Gloomy said...

al7amd lelah 3ala alsalamah. OMG your driver is so eeeeeeeeewwwww, i cant belive that he did it on himself.

Hopeless Poet said...


J. Cutie said...

7aram Wallah! the driver mo EEWWWWW!!
Vice versa, you should pity him LOL!!
But seriously, what a dorky!.. he must have told you that he was sick, instead of the "Unhealthy Unsterialized Disgusting" hour he gave you!

Al 7amdo li Allah 3la slamtek wallah! :)

& LOL @ Ali Ma2zoon :P

Euphoria said...

Gloomy: Allah yesallemek, dear :)
ewa, maskeen!! :S

Hopeless Poet: LOL *nods* you're right :P

J.cutie: Men jed eww!! o Allah yesallemek, thanks :)

shofti 7azzi?? malageet ella ma2zoon a9domo!! :(

-OT- said...

Salamaaat... Poor Driver!! The thing with drivers is that he has no choice... Ya3ni imagine he comes to pick u up, and as soon as u get into the car, he feels sick, but then u dunno, and u tell him to pass by place A and place B (I know u didnt do that, but I'm just saying for example)! Or when he arrives at a friend's place to pick u up and he waits for like an hour! Masaakeen Wallah!

BaSSeM said...

first of all.. mabrook! lol u could finally post something!

2nd of all slamatek wo al7amdillah no one got hurt

the driver is.. sorry but i couldn't help laughing even though i'm sure he didn't think it was funny for the driver! poor guy

mo2zoon huh?! on the contrary.. now he'll tell everyone he knows about u and you'll get many suitors :P

Faj2a said...

eww :| 7mdila 3al salama

Euphoria said...

OT: Allah yesallemak :)

Bassem: Allah yebarek feek! :P

Allah yesallemak :)

not funny!!! poor ME!! lol :P

Ma2zoon!! :S

Faj2a: Allah yesallemek :)

Funny name :P

Rimyoleta said...

Oh my GOD!!!
He is Sick maskeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.
I can hear you Sniffing from here:P
7amdella 3ala salamtek :D
w te3eeshe w ta5de '3eeraha:P

Euphoria said...

Rima: A5od '3airaha?!!!! la da5eelek. LOL :P

Shy said...

What was worse, the smell or the crash? lol

Euphoria said...

the smell !!!!!!! :(

mortalmuslim said...