Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mobile tag

Open your mobile phones sms inbox and write down the latest 10 messages and from who..

1) M.S:
Marra ma tista7eeeeee!! Ma 7abbetik 5alas :(

2) Fo0f:
When things go wrong, when sadnes fills ur heart, when tears flow in ur eyes, Always remember 3 things:
1- u r cute
2- i'm cute
3- the rest r all ugly!!

3) Es$s$:
How do you read these words (NTBLB)??

it's verry easy, and very true.
Read it letter by letter..

(.N . T . B . L . B.)


4) M.S:
Tawwi 7a6ait rasi on the pillow, ree7at female perfume :o
out of the subject, ur nose marra nicely sculpted mashallah, very nice ;)

5) Cute inti :)

6) Najwa:
hal ladaika mu97af musta3mal aw qadeem? (markaz al 3enaya belma9a7efalmusta3mala) yaqoom betajdeedaha o tawzee3aha leman hum fi ams al7aja elaiha
lel estefsar/ Jeddah 0508531397 / 6736730 / 6752777
la tansa an tarsel al resala le '3airak, baldal 3al 5air kafa3elah!

7) Rano0o0osh:
Business card.

8) Reham:
Business card.

9) Soso:
Lo0o0ol, ok :P

10) Sushi:
Why on earth? :


Sedna said...

:| Hey. I'm sure I sent you something. How come you don't have any messages from me? HOW COME? lol

Euphoria said...

The "latest" 10 messages! lol, you're the 12th I think :P

Bella Color said...

Interesting idea :)

Honestly, I liked the N.T.B.L.B. part the best. :)

Sedna said...

Hehehe ok

Sama7tech :P

Fo0f said...

omg omg omg!!
I know you!!!!!
-so called smart Fo0f!!

Welcome back girl ;)

Euphoria said...

Bella color: cute, 9a7? :)

Sedna: :)

Fo0f: Loool, thaaaanks ;)

A HEROINE said...

nicely sculpted? thats an odd way to put it, but nice post.

Euphoria said...