Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter in London 09

Oxford St.

Chocolate Bar , Harrods

Pizzeria at Harrods... YUMMY!

Ispahan.. My favorite from Laduree <3>
Suckao (Melted chocolate) at Chocolate Bar

That's actually me.. :P

Lovely macaroons <3>


Walking down the memory lane .... Don't you just LOVE the lights?
Soundtrack : Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys <3
London, Dec. 2009


Yawarakai said...

be still my beating heart!! i miss london like hell !!! hope u had fun :)

C said...

Glad you have fun! LOVE London!!!

A said...

Love, glad you had fun! I miss london </3

Bliss said...

I was just telling my cousin how i miss London!!! Ahhhhhh
The pictures are so amazing!!! I'm sensing some tears coming along the way!

And the picture of you in it...mashallah you have a nice figure :)

Euphoria said...

Yawarakai, C & A: Thanks! I had TONS of fun al7amdellah :D

Bliss: Wallahi I miss London already! I know how you feel. God! I was there last month o I still miss it like hell!

Thanks "blushing"

I ♥ pink Sugar said...

ENVY ENVY!!! i was in paris at the same time!!! and i have to say nothing tops paris or london in christmas!!! sigh i miss it!!

nosa said...

SOO pretty :D

Euphoria said...

Pink Sugar:
I miss Paris! I so wanna go :(

Nosa: Thanks :)

serenade said...

i was there too! maybe i saw you ;p

everything was wonderful except for the damn sales! urgh! i *heart* london...

Cristina said...

a very interesting blog.I went to London last summer and I loved it too.keep up the good work