Friday, January 08, 2010


I don't know if you're facing the same problem. But my Dad keeps sending me group emails EVERYDAY! dozens! All kinds of emails like: Rumors, news, religion, health, advices, politics, quotes, Youtube clips, articles, poetry, scientific facts,..., You name it!!!
And guess what? You can't just delete them without reading them first, as he checks with me almost every day, and keeps asking me; Euphoria, did you read the so and so e-mail? Wasn't the so and so email so funny? Oh please don't use this product it's dangerous and I've already sent you an email about it!

Have mercy please. My BB is going to explode :(


C said...

Awww your dad is so cute :)

Euphoria said...

Yes he is. but I just can't stand the emails! lol. Specially when i'm at work :P

Bliss said...

It's so funny when parents suddenly become fascinated by technology!
Your dad is so cute!! 7abbeto xx

Euphoria said...

LOL, It's weird.. Daddy stopped sending emails since the day I posted about it! Is it possible he's reading my blog? :P 9odfa akeed :S