Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Knock knock.. Who's there?

As soon as I arrived my hotel in London last month with my friend Sara, and while we were unpacking, someone knocked the door. So, I asked her to check it out.

Sara: screaming at the top of her lungs excitedly "EUPHORIAAAAAA.. THAT'S THE BELLBOY WITH FLOWERS!!!!"
Me: What?!! I'm sure it's a mistake. Tell the bellboy that he got the wrong room.
Sara: *frozen at the door with a dumb happy look on her face*
Me: *going to the door to tell him myself 'cause Sara was daydreaming. And to my surprise there was a bouquet of flowers on his hand, and a teddy bear with a box of chocolate on his other hand!!*
Bellboy: "Miss Euphoria??"
Me: "OMG!!!!!!!!!" *SURPRISED look with a gasp*

The card: "To the innocent eyes, to the amazing nose, to the perfect walk and smoothest talk, to the kissable lips.


Me: "OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!"
Sara: *jumping, jumping, jumping*
Me: "Why? Why? Why?????"

That was my colleague at work. And I knew that he liked me since the day I started to work at the bank. And just before I travel to London, he said the "L" word, and asked me to marry him. He is so nice, sweet, and handsome. But I just don't "feel it"! I don't wanna marry him. I just want us to be friends and nothing more. It's so nice of him to send me such a lovely gift while he's in Jeddah and I was in London.. But I just can't...

Sara fell in love with him, and told me that he's a classy person and I should consider him as a husband. I feel guilty. I feel like I've been misleading him.. I don't know... I don't know!


Heba Al-Attas said...

lol But That Is So Sweet Awwwwww But If You Dont Feel It Then Dont Go For It But I Dont Know About You But I'll Leave With My BFF Wisdom Words " Take The Person Who Loves You Not The Person You Love " & Good Luck With It =)

H said...

Hooooooooooow sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet <3 <3

bas lel2asaaaf u consider him as ur friend ;p

elaa ethaa u would fall for him ? ;)

ren_crow said...

Sounds like this time you really are in a state of euphoria.

nosa said...

ahhhhhh thats a hard situation actully..
but u know.. i beleieve if a guy loves u n he actully realy is askin 4 marrige.. u should give him a try.. plus he's classy.. which is rare latly..
give it a try.. u might fall 4 him.. n he sounds so nice..

District ~ H said...

Awww..! Sweet^^ Y not babe? He seems nice & flamboyant. I think you should think it through oo inshallah 5air^^ Best of Luck suga mwah! ~xoHF

C said...


Yes Yes Yes marry him! He is RARE!

Bliss said...

Awwwww that was so cute <33

dhen said...

cool! love that flowers and chocolates

Anonymous said...


Nada said...

Don't go for it if you're not feeling it! MY ADVICE!