Friday, December 24, 2010

The driver part 1

Exactly like this time last week.  It was an ordinary Friday afternoon.  I was checking my favorite blogs, having my coffee and just chilling. Mom was out of town, Dad went to Friday prayer, Rima was in her room, S, my little sister just got up and came to me looking worried ...

S: Euphoria, who's gonna drive me to school and you to work tomorrow?
Euphoria: Alan of course! Why do you ask?
S: But he's sick! The maid has asked him last night to buy her a prepaid phone card, and he refused angrily, and told her that he was sick.
Euphoria: That's strange.  Rima went out with him last night and I guess he was fine.  Any way, don't worry.  I'll check this out.

I went and asked Rima, she said he was fine, he dropped her at some cafe with my cousins, and she gave him money for dinner.  He drove them back home around 11:30 PM.  He was fine! So I thought that he was just being rude to the maid as usual.  I didn't like that about him, always screaming at the maids for the smallest issue.  I waited for dad to come back from Juma'a prayer, and when he finally did...

Euphoria: Dad, is Alan ok? Is he sick?
Dad: Well, he's body is kinda swollen-up, and he's got a doctor appointment tomorrow.  But he's fine, why?

So, I had to tell him about Alan and the maid.  Dad called Alan's room.. No response.  Called his cell phone.. No response.  Dad wend to the window to check if he was washing the car... He wasn't there. My dad thought maybe Alan was so frustrated for some reason and didn't want to pick-up his phone! (this never happened, Alan would answer my Dad's calls even if he was taking a shower!) Then my dad went downstairs, and for the last time, called Alan's room from the kitchen.. Still, no response.

The next thing I knew, Dad started to knock on Alan's door, calling his name.. No one answered. Banging and banging. For some reason, I got scared that Alan might finally get out and hit my Dad. I don't know why, but that was the first thing that crossed my mind. Then Dad tried to open Alan's door.. It was locked from the inside.  Now Rima, S, the maid, and I.. All watching from Rima's window.  Dad somehow succeeded in unlocking the door.  The maid ran down the stairs, she wanted to check what was happening herself. And suddenly, I hear her screaming my name out loud... Running up the stairs.. "EUPHORIA, EUPHORIAAAA,  ALAN IS DEAD!!!.... ALAN IS DEAD!!!"

That was one of the scariest moments in my life.  Someone just died in my house!  Not just anyone.  Alan worked for us for 20 years.  He was like a family member to us. I was only 6 years old when he started working for us.  This was very sad and shocking.

Dad called the Red Crescent for an ambulance.  They came within 20 minutes.  But it was already late.. Too late.  Alan died 8 hours ago.

Around 9 PM.  the maid told Rima that she's scared.. Really scared that Alan might come back. And specially that the other maid left us 2-3 weeks earlier 'cause she was sick, and now she'll have to sleep alone in her room in the 3rd floor.  So Dad suggested that she sleeps in Rima's room.  She was terrified. She really believed that he'll come back.  The next night she slept in S's room. And constantly telling us that she's afraid, and she wants to go to her house.  We didn't take her seriously.  Com'on!

3 days after this, and while everyone was out for work, and S was at school, mom was already back, and just woke up to find this letter.

To tell you the truth, I found it funny! Really funny! LOL


The Stig said...

So the driver was dead?
and she was thinking that he is coming back
Back for what?
Maybe, I hate assuming, butnsince she asked him for a top up card and he refused tomget her one. Maybe she poisoned him :s

The letter is funny though :p

Anonymous said...

Ok she is silly and the letter is funny!

Maybe she cause his death? Why does she has to be so scared? I seriously doubt about that.

Euphoria said...

You guys! He wasn't poisoned or anything like that, lol!

Ambrosial said...

I'm sorry for ur loss, 20 years mashallah is a lot! But the letter made me go: Ya7laaaaailhaaa!
("ana mara mara cof") LOOL ;p

Welcome back to the blogosphere ;)

Kuwaitiful said...

Your maid calls you Euphoria? Seriously? I have a hard time getting them to spell my own name "Ajeej" so I can't imagine how many decades it will take for something like Euphoria.

"ana mara mara cof" was epic! I like her hand writing, mine is way worse.

Touché said...

Poor girl, must have thought his ghost will hunt her down for angering him with her request.

Wonder what part 2 will have any ghost busters in it :)