Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy National day!

Kisses from Jeddah xxx
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Ambrosial said...

Kl3am wntaw bkhair yahl els3oudiah ;) I have a confession to make, I know by heart The Saudi National Anthem! And Only remember 2 lines from our National Anthem! LOL ;P

Not sure if I should be ashamed or proud?! ;p

Euphoria said...

O ente be 9e77a o salama ya rab! :D

But, how come you know ours, and not yours? lol

Ambrosial said...

Well I was 3 when Kuwait was liberated, so mom went to al6ayif to give birth to my little bro, and we were there for almost 2-3 months. Fa madri I was probably watching the Saudi channel one instead of ours! lol ;p Besides its short and easier than ours! ;p