Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's resolutions (2008)

1- Get a JOB!
2- To continue my French language classes either here in Jeddah or back to France.
3- Read more.
4- Be more optimistic.
5- Attend Photography courses.
6- Try to forgive & forget (hard one!)
7- Travel with friends.
8- Blog more!
9- Try to Attend Fo0f's wedding ;)
10 - To think before speaking!

And a lot of things that I don't wanna list here.

Bonne Année everyone! May you all have a wonderful year! :D


SwaRwaR said...

happy new year ..
i wish u can do all what in the list this year :)

wish u luck

chikapappi said...

Happy neeeew year!

'Grey' said...

Happy New Year ! May all your wishes come true

Hopeless Poet said...

Happy new year..

taqo said...

Happy New Year, Oo good luck with that all! ;)

Anonymous said...

Well have a happy one! i hope you can achieve these , regardless ;D

Rawr said...

Happy new yeaaaar!!!! =)

M@YOO$H said...

Nice plans dude,,!!

at least you have somthing to do =|

LooooL..happy new year and hope you get to do these thingz ;D

eshda3wa said...

happy new year
hope u achieve everything on ur list

Oreo Madness said...


SKITTLES said...

so i totally agree that to forgive and forget .. u'll have to make alot of effort.
i want to learn how to.. or to get used to it bs life is hard enough, so ppl have got to stop being stupid and play nice !!
i guess 2007 has roughed my edges a little .

Happy New Year !

This Lady said...

i dont do resolutions. but urs are pretty reasonable. Good luck! I mean Bon Chance!

Euphoria said...

Thanks all! :)

Glow! said...

I 2nd you on the 3rd point! :)
Good Luck! :D

Gloomy said...

Happy new year to you too hun :D

Fo0f said...

1- Mn jd!
2- Bonne Chance :P -trying to say good luck, don’t judge me I don’t speak French at all :$-
3- Any new interesting books? Do share..
4- You should always be, I don’t know, but I always think of u as an optimist mashallah.
5- Sounds like fun! Yalla before u find #1 ;P
6- I still try to :)
7- This is also fun :D.
8- Mn Jd!
9- I really really really hope u do!!
10 – Hehe, I'm starting to do that, u know it happened because I'm hanging out a lot with someone who acts like that, it rubbed off!!

Bonne Année to you too hunny!