Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 23

Happy National Day, Saudi Arabia!

P.S. I wonder what's gonna happen to (this)


BaSSeM said...

Kol sana wo enty so3deya :P

and regarding that, it will eventually happen i believe.. it's just a matter of time !

ps. I'm not well educated about classical music.. once a friend gave me a cd with her fav but of course i don't know any of what she included in the cd :P maybe even some of them were on your list!

enlighten me later please !

and oh welcome back!

Gloomy said...

and to u too :D

maybe soon w insha2 allah mara soon *prays*

I like some classics, they make me relaxed. I took some from my friend 6 months ago but unfortunately they are unnamed.

SwaRwaR said...

happy national day 2 u 2
ummm i guess saudi women will never drive :S:S i dunno why i have this feelings