Sunday, September 16, 2007

Je suis désolé

Dear Blog,

I'm terribly sorry for just the thought of deleting you! It's been ages. And I miss you so bad. I need to tell you a lot of things about me. I've been questioning myself lately. I kept myself busy with my foolish thoughts. But i'm feeling much better now, and i'll be posting again :)

“Eventually all the pieces fall into place....until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason”

Carrie Bradshaw

P.S.; Happy Ramadan to you all, and may Allah accept our deeds :D


Gloomy said...

:D ur baaaccckkkk :D
WB sweetie i missed u so much *hugs*
Rmadan kareem yn3ad 3aleki :D

SwaRwaR said...

nice u r back , even i have never been in here :D but u seem so nice , happy ramadan 2 u too :D
and my friend wants 2 sell the dog because her mother have had enough ,
she r gonna kick the puppi`s ass outta home so she decided 2 sell :D

Euphoria said...

Gloomy: Thanks babe :* I missed you more! *hugs*

Swarwar: Oh, well.. it's always with the "mothers" :P

Fo0f said...

welcome back.. u been away for too long, i missed ur posts!

Euphoria said...

Fo0f: Thanks, love you :*