Friday, October 07, 2011


One of the bloggers that I follow from UAE has posted about her trip to Saudi for Umrah.  She had some negative commits about her trip, which I'm ok with.  I have some negative comments, too!  But that thing I hated the most is the way she was generalizing about the Saudi people.

Her comments were about the way people drive in Saudi and her exact comment was "Sha3b malah 7al" as if we are all a bunch of idiots walking/driving around.

I replied on her post that I was offended by her generalization.  Most probably she won't approve it to be published. 


rencontrer Pauline said...

well dear my friends been there, and what they think about saudi ppl drivers is pretty suck and can kill people in any time, she's telling the truth, I can see that ur offended by but truth is truth.

Euphoria said...

I don't think you get what I've meant in my post. It's when someone generalize!! Driving sucks in Egypt, Italy, Greece... I can go on forever. I don't mind her negative comment whatever it was true or not, cause she simply has the right to say whatever she wants. The only problem is when someone "generalize" that's all.

Lost said...

Be it that her comments are truthful or not, it's still very rude, obnoxious, and ignorant to post about a whole nation based on what she was in a small trip. Generalizations are the death, or the cut off point of intellect. I'm with you all the way.

And btw, the driving in Kuwait sucks too. lol.

Most Khaleeji's have a generalized idea of Saudis based on the small amount of Saudi's they may have encountered during their lives. It's not right, whether the actions that were viewed are truthful, it's still a huge generalization to shed light on the negative and claim that everybody in that country is like that.

Euphoria said...

Thank very you!!

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