Friday, February 04, 2011

Im thinking of Dubai

I hope this really works! I was chatting with my friends that I've known since 4th grade on BB, and I randomly told them about my childhood dream was and still is for us all to travel somewhere.  Just us, the girls, no kids, no families, only girls.  I've done this with college girls and we went to London and Rome.  But now, I suggested we go to Dubai :D

Everyone was so excited, and I really hope we go there in 3 weeks! Honestly, I don't know Dubai, I've been there once, 4 years ago and it was only for a transit of 7 hours.  But now it's different! We'll go shopping, watch movies, go out to the best restaurants... And maybe Ferrari Wold! Aaaaah, I so wanna go!

We're gonna stay at the Address Downtown, since it's only gonna be a long weekend vacation :( I thought of Armani Hotel, but I didn't like the dark colors of the interior and all. I need you all to recommend the best places we can go and have fun there! :D

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Manayer said...

When ever I go to Dubai, It's a must for me to go to Madinat Jumairah and take a ride on a boat :)