Friday, August 20, 2010

I get high on scents!

While I was in London this summer, I felt like I was getting high on some of the perfumes and scents. Specially in Harrods.

I got my mother this AMAZING Guerlain exclusive,  
Tonka Impériale (Imperial Tonka)

a subtle blend of balmy scents, rich in contrasting facets, with accents of honey, gingerbread, almond, hay and tobacco. The fragrance comes in a spray bottle with sleek, contemporary lines. One side is ornamented with a gold plate like a talisman.

And for sexy men only, I choose from the private blend by Tom Ford 

Tuscan Leather

He LOVED IT!!!!!!
A Chypre blend of notes brings a raw, yet reserved sensuality to this original take on a classic leather scent. Saffron, Raspberry and Thyme open to Olibanum and Night Blooming Jasmine. Leather, Black Suede and Amberwood add an intricate richness.

The White Company scented candle

For my room


 Very fresh, and that's how you turn a house to a home.

Another gift for mom :)
Amouage, the Royal Omani luxury fragrance house.
Reflection Woman Body Cream.

The ultimate in luxury, this Body Cream is the perfect restorer of the skin's natural moisture and freshness.
Containing active ingredients such as algae, glycerin, aloe vera, shea butter and cacao butter it is an intensive treatment for the skin, promoting immediate lift and tightness.

While I was shopping at Harrods with my sister, I heard someone calling me habibtiii, habibtiii  (Love, love). When I turned around, I found this sales lady holding a black bottle of perfume and asking me to try spraying it on my skin (usually Harrods sales men or ladies don't run after a customer!) But guess what? I loved it. She claimed that all the habibtiiis wear this perfume lol!

Visa De Robert Piguet

A combination of lush white vineyard peach, pear, bergamot, ylang, rose and orange flower mingled with rich patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla beans and a gourmand leathery accord.

And of course my signature perfume, which I wear religiously,
Chanel COCO Mademoiselle 

It scream me.. It screams EUPHORIA 

So, what's your favorite scent?


Taqo said...

I'm not really into perfumes, so I don't know much about them. But my favorite scent that I've liked in recent years in Stella!

Also, lol @ all of the habibtiis wearing it. Cute. :-p

Vainglorious said...

Lol @ habibtis does she even know what it means? ;p

The Tonka is great I loved it, great choice..

Hmm... one of my all times favorite is flower bomb by victor & rolf. its old but really nice

Euphoria said...

Taqo: Yes.. ALL the 7abibtis ;)

Vainglorois: I like flower bomb :)