Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Where in London?

I wanna go to LONDON!! God! I so wanna go! I really, really, really miss it :(
I'm just waiting for my mother to convince my father to let me go with my friends in our Haj vacation :D

I need your suggestions. Where to go in London? new restaurants? Clubs? Museums? Afternoon tea? Anything.. Anything that you can think of.

Waiting for your feedback :)


nosa said...

take the bus tour in the city..

i never liked london... we always go out in the country...

oxfored n nice..

i love wales n scotland..
try doing stuff out of london.. hiking n stuff.. so much fun

dr.whisper said...

1. after noon tea @ manson & fortunem is a MUST ! u have to make a reservation before.

2. covent garden @ saturdy , u can spend all yoru day there its a very lovly place.

3. lister seqaure =)

4. regent park : if u like to go to parks, its in the north of london very nice garden , they have a zoo at its north.

5.thier theatre is wooooooow : iwent to chicago , oliver twist, mama mya ... they say the best of all is : Le mesere << but buy the ticket 2,3 days before. i bought it online by visa.

6. shopping : harods , oxford street etc etc, there is very nice out let ( bester village ) you have to take the train from padington station

7.kew garden (L) aroun 4000 kind of flowers << if u r interested in.

aaaaaah 3ala london .. jebely trabha fy jar .... imiss it like HELL !

enjoy sweety

Anonymous said...

you can go to scalini restaurant near harrods &hakasan & senior sassi.
also the pizzeria in harrods and ladure cafe in harrods.

Um Mit3ib said...

Haj w Clubbing in the same post is funny;p

Anonymous said...

I wish you convince your dad! That would be so fun to be out of the country with your friends!

HishMaj said...

This might sound a bit weird, but it was THE highlight of my trip to London: A cycle tour of London.

Its really fun if you join especially with friends. I really recommend that tour, its very cheap as well.

Other suggestions: same as previous comments.

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...


Faten said...

The places mentioned above are great. I especially love Regent's Park. It would be very cold this time of the year though. Of course you should go to the hyde park and try their carrot orange cake.
There's a turkish restaurant behind Selfridges called Sufra..veryy yummy, the best lamb cutlets in thee world <3.
Amaya is an indian restaurant very famous.
Picaddilly and Lesicter square are fun.

Have fun :D

ren_crow said...

Regent's park is nice.