Thursday, June 25, 2009

NATO phonetic alphabet

A year ago, I heard one of my colleagues spelling her e-mail address to one of the clients in the NATO phonetics alphabet way "Alpha Lima Nancy Alpha Bravo Oscar Lima Sugar India". It was the very first time I hear about it! She spelled it wrong though. I think it's much easier than screaming H not F.. no no no... C not P! lol, now I learned it too, and I'm loving it.

EUPHORIA = Echo Uniform Papa Hotel Oscar Romeo India Alpha !


His Sweetheart said...


I remember teaching this in a course but it had different vocabs! Loved it so much but it's rare to hear people using it here!

Brits use it more I guess!

SKITTLES said...

It's much more fun to spell words that way! ;D

SKITTLES: Sierra Kilo India Tango Tango Lima Echo Sierra!