Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kalimah brand

Saudi designers, Saudi Photographer (Dhahi Al-Ali), Saudi model, and above all it's Jeddah style :D

Ok.. I think that I like the model a lil bit more ;)

You can find it on Facebook.

Contact Info

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


His Sweetheart said...

Dhahi is hot and the model is even hotter!

Viva Saudis lol

CrazyCatQ8 said...

agdar a6lob el t-shirt ma3a elmodel ? :PPPP

desertpalms said...

woooooooh that guy is haaaaaaaaaaaawt!!

Ansam said...

LOL I love the comments hehehe
can they custom make those? like if I want something related to Kuwait?

Bliss said...

i wish they'd open a branch in riyadh, i'd love to get one.

Amani said...

wallaa me either I like the model

Candy said...

wayed stylish!!
meee want,is there any branch here in the UAE euphoria??

Euphoria said...

HS: I agree ;)

CCQ: Yes you can, dear ;)

DP: Yes indeed :D

Ansam: I think they do. Contact them :)

Bliss: Come to lovely J city ;)

Amani: We all do ;)

Candy: La wallah, only in Jeddah! sorry :S

Bahrain Fashion said...

What a wonderful Saudi touch!!
I heart Jeddah XD

singamaraja said...

Singamaraja reading your blog

~PakKaramu~ said...

Singamaraj reading your blog

Anonymous said...

Me lovey kalimah!! Jeddah all the way yay!

mosha said...

ok i have to say this, the model is hot!