Monday, March 02, 2009

On a Lebanese night...

I Love Byblos. It's the best Lebanese restaurant in Jeddah and one of the top restaurants in J town. I go there for lunch almost daily with the girls from the bank. Everything about this restaurant is just amazing. Fairouz songs, the perfect meals ever. Aaah I just LOVE it! And since I'm a regular customer there, they reserve us the best table, and offer us the best service. There is this one waiter in particular (Lebanese) that tries to please me in every way possible, which was great actually. He knows me by name (I usually pay by my Visa card). But on Saturday. While I was checking my Facebook account, and my friends requests.. I saw his name!!!!!! He added me!!! I can't believe it!!!
And he sent me a message to my inbox:

"u r not only Euphoria , u r the cute ladie thats what i saw in u , now i can say hi for u Euphoria, i am sure u know me dont ask me why i invite u to be friends cuz i dono the reason maybe some thing let me thought that face book is better than talking 2 u on some place , so i hope 2 be friends .thx"

Can you believe this guy?!!! He actually searched my name! LOL! Thank God my profile is private! he can't even see my picture. Since Saturday, I stopped going to the restaurant due to the extra work I'm doing now :( Actually I don't know what to do, how to react when I go there the next time?! Should I just ignore him when I see him? and pretend that I never received that request? or should I mention to him this and that it's Inappropriate to add customers and try to befriend them this way?

What would you do?


Went there again yesterday with la familia and on Wed. with my co-workers. I tried as much as I could not to look at his direction. And while taking the orders, I didn't say a single word. The girls basically did everything. LOL! It was funny, the look in his eyes. One of the girls called me "a heart breaker"!! The guy looked so.. ummm..sad! but I kept smiling to everyone like I ususally do. Totally ignored the fact that he actually tried to contact me via Facebook! as it never had happened and it felt good :)

P.S. I liked the new name "heart breaker" :P


eshda3wa said...

i would ignore him

im so in the mood for Lebanese food rite now

His Sweetheart said...

Keep on going there and just ignore him. If he mentioned adding you again, tell him that you haven't recieved it since you don't have a facebook account at all. Tell him it might have been a similar name lol

They always try to get into Saudis!

Euphoria said...

Yeah, I think i'm gonna ignore him.

Nani_37 said...

LOL @ "They always try to get into saudis" ... it's more like a forbidden fruit kind of thing

Hope he gets it ... it's not worth ruining your perfect meal :)

Bliss said...

i agree with his sweetheart :)
that's what i would do..

Maitha* said...

just ignore ;)

His Sweetheart said...

You have been given the "I love your blog" award by me. check out my blog for details.