Friday, February 13, 2009

Back from London

2 weeks ago, I spent Five amazing days in sexy London! Don't you just love this City?

- Walk daily to Harrods to sip thé à la rose and order the heavenly Ispahan at Ladurée in the mornings. Then luch at the Pizzeria -don't froget to order the olives bowl-

Went to ODEON and watched 7 Pounds and cried my heart out there :(

- Shop at Selfredges and Harvey Nichols.

- I saw Ewan while I was walking in Knightsbridge. Handsome man ;)

- Hakassan, Zuma and Cipriani. Aaaah, I wanna eat there again. (While entering Cipriani, I saw a paparazzi out side. And guess what? Penalope Cruz was just leaving!! didn't see her though :| )

- Got lost in Hyde Park. Need I say more? My brain was freezing coudn't think lol.

- Met some friends and cousins there. They're trying to convince me to apply for my post graduate studies in London. Still thinking.

- No clubing, maybe next time :P

- I so wanted to meet some bloggers who live/d there. I'll mention 2: Eshda3wa, Desertpalms. The rest are not actually following my blog, but I am following theirs. I don't post my comments. So basically they don't know me! maybe next time! :)

- The good news is that I might go back in March. I'm so EXCITED :D

The sountrack of my trip was: Moon river, Strangers in the night - Frank Sinatra (I'm guessing because Desertpalms's post) and Insomnia - Craig David.


nawary said...

ive probably only been to london once in my adult life. and i still cant bring myself to love it or go back?

maybe i should re experience it again. but im a newyorker/parisian at heart no other city might ever take my fancy =/

Anonymous said...

omg ya7laailich wallah!! you shuda told mee, i dont bite ;p

hehe or maybeee i dooo, who knooows? *den den den scary music plays* loool

nothing beatss laduree in paaaaris thoughh! ahhh *drools*

glaad u had funn over here! =D wanaaa agoool leishh london emnaawaaar 2weeks agoo.. now i know ;)

Maitha* said...

ahhh London! my 2nd home <3
You should also go to covent garden on weekends, eat at Asia de Cuba *a MUST*, shop in Bond Street andddddd have AFTERNOON TEA with friends :D

Im thinking of post-grad there too.. just need to get the approval from my parents ;)

Ansam said...

Welcome back... ahhh the Pizzeria! bel3afiaaaaaaaaa

Its been a while since my last London trip! I am so looking forward for my next one!

Faisal F. said...

I agree pariee beats london by a long shot. Have you ever seen london on the weekends? It's utter chaos. Foul odour in the street complimented by drunkards who've lost their way and senses.

Though nice picture.

Bliss said...

7amdilah 3alassalamah ^_^

i watched 7 pounds yesterday, omg what an amazing movie!!

mishtahya i go shopping, london would be the perfect place to go!

eshda3wa said...


i want to go back as soon as possible

i havent been there in sooo long !