Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Goodbye London & Sharm El Shaikh. Hello Jeddah

Hello World!

Missed reading your blogs people! :) I feel happy! I just came back from London & Sharm El Shaikh. It was an amazing trip. The shopping with my friend and her family in London, and her wedding in Sharm! :D

I miss the cold weather, the Christmas trees and decorations in London! :( oh God, and now I'm craving Wagamama , and Nobu in London.

Loved the Four Seasons in Sharm , they upgraded my room to a suite with it's OWN swimming pool on its own terrace!! SWEET! aaaaaaaaah, I wanna go back there!

I really needed this vacation. Al7amdellah, it was GREAT! :D

Songs of the moment: Flying Solo, Pocketfull of Sunshine, Rise Up and Miles Away :P

Oh, and Happy Eid to you all! :X



Chinese Eyes said...

Mbarkan 3eedch! aah (U) you're making me want to go to london :(

Euphoria said...

Thanks dear! :)

Zara said...

Aww what a nice trip, i wanna go London.

gloomy said...

Glad you had fun :D

missed u so much :hug:

yn3ad 3aleena w 3aleek :D

Euphoria said...

Zara: I so wanna go back! :(

Gloomy: Heeey! missed you more! *hugs back*