Sunday, October 05, 2008

My weirdo cousin

She's 21 years old and acting like 7 ! she's sooo soooooo annoying! the entire family can't stand her anymore. She has a new thing now, to act a little cute. Par exemple:

- Me, my sister, mom and dad went to my grandmother's house for lunch, she came to say hi, and suddenly asked me: "ente meeeeeen???" (like a 4 year old girl meeting anyone for the first time in her life!) What the hell? esh "ente meen"?? Goldfish memory or what? Freak!! this isn't cute at all!

- We went to a cafe in Eid avec ma famille, and she was sitting next to my sister and out of no where she asked her: "esh esmek??" (with her totally ANNOYING voice!)

- At 4:30 a.m. She was sleeping over and was next to my poor sister "ente meeeen???" "esh esmek???"

I can't stand her anymore. She keeps asking the same questions over and over again.


Grey said...

Either Amnesia or Thyroid .. she better see a doctor .

Sweet Anger said...

OMG i have a co worker who is EXACTLY the same, except well she's 35 and acts 5 aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god ive never been annoyed by someone so much!!!


first question she asked when she joined was, and please imagine this is the squeeeeeeeaaaakiest voice possible "kam 3umreeeeeee??" OH MY GOD!!!

Anonymous said...

omg i wuld totally gaged her! waish thaa majnoona?

Oreo Madness said...

that was soooooo funny ;p

ymkn mn jd feeha shay :S:S
seriously, allah y3eenkm!

ren_crow said...

Actually new studies have shown that goldfish actually have a memory of about 3 months and not 3 seconds as was previously thought. So apparently even goldfish have better memory than your cousin.

SKITTLES said...

ahh! kick her in the butt!

Shwaish said...

maybe she is sick aw feeha shay?

Faten said...

ahh never heard of that, not cute at all..
bas yemken she has a mental disorder :/

Euphoria said...

She's not sick wala 7aja, she's just acting "cute" :S