Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Rubbish 4

- I've just received a message in my Facebook inbox from a total stranger saying:
"mohamed,27 years,egyptian doctor in jeddah,looking for a girl friend, are u ready to be my girl friend :)?my mobile number is 050*******"
They drive me crazy :S

- For 2 years i've been reading EVERYTHING, but romance!! guess what? not anymore! Judith McNaught is an amazing author. I just finished "Once and Always" girls you all gotta read this novel! awww.

- Dreams replay my life to mock me and show me things I should have done, but didn't!

- I'm inlove with these shows: Gossip Girl, Cashmere Mafia, and Lipstick Jungle!

- Has anyone tried Celebrity Sexy Teeth ? I need your feedback.

- Last week was my final job interview with a bank, still waiting for the call!

- I love Kuwaiti blogs! they are fun!

- So happy for Lebanon, but I hope it lasts. In the news.

- I gained 3 kilos, which is a disaster.

- Everybody in Jeddah is going crazy for Mohannad (Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ)

- Whar are your summer plans, people? :)

P.S. I miss you guys :*

Listening to: Stop & Stare - One Republic


ren_crow said...

Ahmed, 24 years old, jordanian engineer in jeddah,looking for a girl friend, are u ready to be my girl friend :)?
my mobile number is 0501234567


Euphoria said...

Ren_cow: Oh, really? :P

SKITTLES said...

awal shy, i haaate facebook. i once had a profile there oo i started receiving e.mails from lesbos who wanna hookup, so i deleted my profile!

-"Once and Always" you say? ..hmm.

-I love Gossip Girl, bs the other two madri 3nhom. should i adre 3nhom? :-O

-every body in Q8 is craaaazy abt Mohannad! what the hell y3ni?!

-my summer plaaanz..hmm.. lets see..
i want to get a sexy tan!
thats all i have so far :-O

Oreo Madness said...
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Oreo Madness said...

Gossip Girl is my OBSESSION!!
It's sad, i know.

El banat mn jd garrafona b mohannad :S 5alaaaaaaaaaaaa9 efffff
Oo kaman 6affashouna b Noor, i watched ta8reeban two episodes and adry what's all this fuss about?

Euphoria said...

SKITTLES: Yes, you should tedre 3annahom :P

Oreo: Yes! everyone is talking about Mohannad! I think he's overrated :P

SouS said...

ok.. so i came across your blog.. and loved it!!!!!
GOSSSIP GIRL ROCKSSSS haha did you watch the ending?
and o.. the reason im commenting is to say once and always.. hmm READ WHITNEY, MY LOVE, Almost Heaven, and Something Wonderful.... alll by judith mcnaught.. i went thru a serious phase.. read all her books:P
loved ur blog.. will drop in again soon:D

Gloomy said...

These kind of msgs irritate me :S

I fell in love with “Can You Keep a Secret?” and “Remember Me” by Sophie Kinsella.

Insha2 allah you get it :D

Kuwaiti blogs rock ^_^

I’m still working on my three kilos and it seems like I’ll never lose them *deep sigh*

Am I the only one in this world who thinks he is normal, wallah I don’t see anything about him. Maybe he is not my type. But I wont lie his body is niiiiiice.

Going abroad this year, but I don’t know what I’ll do before we go and after we come back. God I have to do something about my life.

W I missed you too wallah lik fa8dah *hugs*

Happy birthday to your blog ^_^

Euphoria said...

Sous: I loved: Whitney, my love. It's my # 1 :D
Thanks :)

Gloomy: Moshkela al 3 kilos. ufff :S
I missed you more *hugs*
Thanks babe! :D

Fo0f said...

i missed ur blog! period :P
i got a lot of catching up to do!

ps. i hate mohanad!

Fastidious Babe said...

suuuper cute entry! omg Judith McNaught!! lol the LAST romantic novel i read (which was like emm 3 or 4 years ago?) was hers.. I miss reading.. i really do.. i hardly read the articles in magazines anymore!

and yeah.. MOHANAD! people talk about him fl gym 3ndna? whats up with that? i have still not checked out mosalsal NOOR though.. and i dont think i will XD

what else, hmm about the teeth whitening paste, better check with ur dentist cuz they have a certain bleach in em that can wear off ur enamel.. or so i have been told!

happy blogging and congrats on the job! x