Thursday, March 01, 2007

What's wrong with me?

I feel ...
Mad, angry, stupid, bitchy, careless, love, sad, misunderstood, lonely, blue, crazy, PMSy, tired, exhausted, bored, disgusted, fed-up, down, corny, ...
I can go forever!

Do you know these symptoms?
What's wrong with me?

I think i'm just missing you!

O rare delight, these pains that break
My heart, dear hope, for thy sweet sake!
Through all the days, in all my woe,
I will not ever let thee go.

If any man should dare to say,
" Thou shalt forget his love one day"
The only answer I will give
Is an eternal negative?

Ibn Hazm Al Andalusi


Hopeless Poet said...

I don't know these symptoms sorry!

But I liked the poem you posted.

SwaRwaR said...

well maybe coz u missin someone === am a dactor :P
well sista nice blog u have

Anonymous said...

I had all those symptoms yesterday, I'm still kind of angry at something I dont know!!!!
>=( urgh..

Glow! said...

Yeah hun.,
Missing does have all those effects on us! :S

Cope with it!
Live with it!
That's the only way to survive! :)

* LOVED LOVE LOVE the verse down there!
Omar Al Khayyam is second to none!

Anonymous said...

Without those afflictions you won't be normal, so you needn't worry. It's healthy to be down every once in awhile, because what's great up being happy if you're not sad every now and then?